• SGI Global's Ed Guillen Speaks on Emerging Money Laundering Threats

    On Thursday, June 12, SGI Global hosted a briefing on "Financial Institution Implications and Safeguards: South/Central American Money Laundering Methodologies, the Black Market Peso Exchange, and Current Currency Devaluations", presented by our Director of Financial Investigations and AML/BSA Operations, Edward Guillen. Mr. Guillen addressed the financial institution managers and investigators in attendance about emerging money-laundering methodologies and threats, as well as financial institution best practices and safeguards. To learn more about SGI Global's anti-money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, and counter-threat finance capabilities, and for the white papers mentioned at the briefing, please follow the link below.


    SGI Global’s financial investigation practice is comprised of highly successful former law enforcement financial and management leaders and legal professionals who have decades of domestic and international operational and management experience in cases involving the PATRIOT Act, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Counter-Threat Finance (CTF) operations. Our successful engagements have resulted in the identification of additional assets and DTO targets, and we have delivered to our clients the information sets and expert testimony required for successful outcomes in cases involving the U.S. Attorneys offices. SGI Global’s expertise mitigates and manages risk exposure through due diligence reviews, short and long term operational recommendations, and operations-optimizing training.

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    Senior executive law enforcement officials and specialized investigative teams face myriad challenges produced by rapidly-emerging global threats such as narco-terrorism, transnational organized crime and terrorist and insurgent groups. SGI's experienced teams of mentors and trainers work with law enforcement entities around the world to share both recently-developed and long-used methodologies and solutions for successfully combating asymmetric threats. The SGI team, with decades of international security experience, facilitates collaboration between leaders in different countries facing similar challenges. With new tools and new partnerships, these senior law enforcement, military, and intelligence clients are able to effectively overcome the challenges posed by asymmetric threats and facilitate effective organizational practices with a new standard of excellence.

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    U.S. agencies and their foreign partners have significantly increased their intelligence collection efforts in support of investigative activities focused on transnational organized crime and terrorist, narco-terrorist and insurgent groups. SGI's teams of experts and analysts train and work with representatives from these agencies, including the Departments of Defense, State, and Justice, in the areas of intelligence collection and analysis. SGI's teams use the latest analysis methods in tandem with decades of intelligence and law enforcement experience to deliver answers and solutions in real time. SGI currently supports U.S. federal partners in locations including El Paso, Texas; Kabul, Afghanistan; Panama City, Panama; Mexico City, Mexico; the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area; and throughout Central Asia and the Middle East.

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    Rural villages in Afghanistan face many health complications from the practice of opium smoking, including the devastating effects of secondhand smoke on at-risk populations including children and the elderly. SGI is working to increase awareness of these dangers by conducting human biological sampling and educating villagers. Overcoming a cultural distrust of outsiders by employing native Afghan medical professionals, including women, has enabled SGI’s in-country team to complete sampling in more than 14 villages. Completed study results will be used in improving health outcomes and further educating the Afghan population on the dangers of secondhand opium smoke.


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What We Do

What We Do

Specialized Financial Investigation Services

SGI Global provides clients intelligence, operational, and legal expertise to optimize teams and produce successful investigation outcomes involving the USA PATRIOT Act, BSA and AML, Counter-Threat Finance (CTF) and other mandated requirements.

Studies and Analyses

Conducting surveys, scientific studies, and analyses in high-risk regions requires not only experienced researchers but also coordinated logistics, effective and secure communication between client and research teams, and leadership experience in the local rule of law and cultures.

Intelligence Support

Successful intelligence operations in high-risk areas require the support of highly-qualified team members, custom program design, and the ability to utilize both cutting-edge technologies and time-tested methods.