Training & Mentoring

Senior law enforcement and military officials in high-risk regions face the challenge of building capacity and infrastructure into their organizations to effectively battle narco-terrorism, organized crime, and related threats. Under the rubric of counter-narco-terrorism and counter-transnational crime, SGI Global’s founding tenet is to build capacity in U.S. partner-nation military and policing enterprises so they have the knowledge and tools to implement effective law enforcement programs. SGI Global effectively teaches and trains best practices in law enforcement and operational effectiveness, with a higher-level focus on building an effective organization. Since 2011, SGI Global has conducted more than 2000 law enforcement training courses in over 35 countries.

SGI Global’s corporate culture and abilities embody speed, agility, ingenuity and innovation, focused primarily on work in near post- and post-conflict regions.  We provide highly effective hands-on training and mentoring to the U.S. Government and private clients, enabling their organizations to meet objectives within local rule-of-law context and while supporting U.S. policy objectives. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) and the highly-qualified teams they form bring a wealth of international and domestic law enforcement, senior leadership experience and are top teachers in areas including counter-narcotics, counter threat finance, transnational crime, anti-money laundering, tactical driving and firearms training, and with SGI Global-developed specialized educational courses translating best practices into regional- and objective-specific training. SGI Global’s mentorship programs embed our Senior SMEs within our clients’ targeted organizations to engage senior leadership in capacity development encompassing infrastructure and organization, tradecraft, and logistics. SGI Global’s leadership development gives our clients the skills they need to use all organizational assets to achieve security, law enforcement, and logistical objectives.