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SGI Employee of the Quarter – 4th Quarter 2022

SGI Global, LLC (SGI) is pleased to award Mr. James B. Bugda as Employee of the Quarter for 4th Quarter 2022. Mr. Bugda serves as SGI’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Technical Advisor in Peru and Colombia.

As the FWS Technical Advisor, he assists FWS Special Agents by providing investigative expertise, direction, and leadership to more than 90 foreign police officers serving in three separate Counter Wildlife Trafficking Units (CWTU's) based in Peru and Colombia. In this role, he assists and guides ongoing investigations as well as develops new intelligence on international wildlife and timber trafficking organizations.

In 2022 alone, Mr. Bugda played a crucial role in the execution of numerous search warrants, the seizure of over 1.9 million dollars in illegally obtained assets, and the arrest of 173 subjects for wildlife and timber trafficking crimes. These crimes included deforestation, land grabbing, illegal timber sales, wildlife smuggling, sustaining illegal fisheries, the mistreatment of animals (including endangered species), bribery, kidnapping and attempted murder.

Mike McManamon, Managing Partner for SGI, emphasized that “Mr. Bugda has gone above and beyond in his role as a Counter Wildlife Trafficking Technical Advisor. His dedication to the mission is superior and he is making an impact each and every day. Through his tenure at SGI, he has supported numerous arrests related to wildlife and timber trafficking throughout South America and continues to play a critical role in the effort to minimize this illegal activity. We are happy to have him as part of the SGI team and look forward to his continued success supporting global Counter Wildlife Trafficking investigative and intelligence efforts."


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