Jerome Martin

Director of Contracts

As the Director of Contracts, Dr. Martin provides full-lifecycle support for all company contracts and contractual matters. Dr. Martin has more than 25 years of experience in Government Contracts and legal and Program operations experience within the DOD and the Federal Government. Dr. Martin began her career in U.S. Coast Guard, attending Officer Candidate School and leaving the coast Guard as LCDR. Dr. Martin’s love for drug interdiction and building international relations did not stop there. Dr. Martin’s experience with the U.S. Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) where he was where he supported the curtailment of the supply of illegal drugs from foreign sources into the United States through aerial eradication of drug crops, interdiction of refining laboratories, and trafficking activities, and other law enforcement operations in Bogotá Colombia. Dr. Martin continued his career in the private sector serving in various Government Contractor companies as Director of Contracting, providing the company with successful Program and contract execution and strategic growth initiatives. In his final role before SGI, Dr. Martin served as Contracts and Operations vice president. In this role, he provided program support, financial planning, program oversight, and contract execution oversight for the company with staff in Ohio, Colorado, Spain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Germany, spanning Federal and DOD services markets. Dr. Martin is an active member of the National Contract Management Association.