What We Do

SGI Global provides a range of services that combat transnational criminal, drug trafficking and insurgent organizations in asymmetric environments around the world. Our law enforcement-centric investigative and intelligence support and training services, financial crimes expertise, security assessments, information technology services and logistics capabilities make SGI Global a trusted high-value partner to US Government agencies, partner nations and the commercial sector worldwide.

Intelligence Analysis & Support

Successful intelligence operations in high-risk areas require the support of highly-qualified team members, custom program design, and the ability to utilize both cutting-edge technologies and time-tested methods. SGI’s highly-qualified team members have decades of in the field tactical, operational and cyber intelligence work experience; the majority achieved in high-risk areas around the world.  We collaborate with our clients to design short- and long-term intelligence programs to meet mission needs while also in concert with U.S. policy objectives. We also provide direct, customized support to the technologies used in intelligence operations. Our team members are highly successful former military and law...

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Training & Mentoring

Senior law enforcement and military officials in high-risk regions face the challenge of building capacity and infrastructure into their organizations to effectively battle narco-terrorism, organized crime, and related threats. Under the rubric of counter-narco-terrorism and counter-transnational crime, SGI Global’s founding tenet is to build capacity in U.S. partner-nation military and policing enterprises so they have the knowledge and tools to implement effective law enforcement programs. SGI Global effectively teaches and trains best practices in law enforcement and operational effectiveness, with a higher-level focus on building an effective organization. Since 2011, SGI Global has conducted more than 2000 law enforcement training...

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Financial Investigation

SGI Global provides specialized financial intelligence and criminal Investigations services to the United States Government agencies and commercial entities seeking expertise including the full range of Anti-Money Laundering/Bank Secrecy Act (AML/BSA) and Counter Threat Finance (CTF) capabilities including compliance,  collection and advanced analysis of intelligence, risk assessments and internal controls, financial forensic analysis, legal case development and support, policy and procedure development and training.  SGI’s professionals have more than a century of combined international AML/BSA, and CTF experience at senior investigative and executive leadership levels, relationships and insights that mean stronger investigations and more seizures and convictions. SGI understands the nexus between transnational drug trafficking,...

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Mission & Life Support

SGI Global offers a rapid response capability to support critical mission needs throughout the world. Our reach back capability comprises supply chain management, transportation services, communications, as well as integrated life support. We specialize in mobilizing and managing personnel and critical resources in both low and high-threat environments. SGI Global provides a number of Mission and Life cycle support services to the Department of Defense and Department of State in US and Foreign Countries.  These services provide foreign entities with Field Service Representatives that aid the country’s ability to track and maintain military vehicles; as well as provide lifecycle support...

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