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Our Capabilities

SGI Global provides a range of services that combat transnational criminal, drug trafficking and insurgent organizations in asymmetric environments around the world.
Our law enforcement-centric investigative and intelligence support and training services, financial crimes expertise, security assessments, information technology services and logistics capabilities make SGI Global a trusted high-value partner to US Government agencies, partner nations and the commercial sector worldwide.​
  • Intelligence Analysis & Support
    Successful intelligence operations require the support of highly-qualified team members, custom program design, and the ability to utilize both cutting-edge technologies and time-tested methods. SGI’s highly-qualified team members have decades of in-the-field tactical, operational, and cyber intelligence work experience, largely achieved in high-risk areas around the world. We collaborate with our clients to design short- and long-term intelligence programs to meet mission needs while also in concert with U.S. policy objectives. CORE CAPABILITIES Collection Management Intelligence Analysis and Support Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Bio-surveillance Detection All Source Analysis HUMINT Analysis SIGINT Analysis Counter Threat Finance Analysis Targeting Analysis Overseas Deployments 24/7 Watch Operations
  • Policing, Law Enforcement, and Security
    SGI Global’s founding tenet is to build capacity in U.S. partner-nation military and policing enterprises so they have the knowledge and tools to implement effective law enforcement and security programs. With decades of experience, our team helps train and support police and security forces to tackle their most pressing challenges by focusing on our core cultural values of speed, agility, ingenuity, and innovation. CORE CAPABILITIES Community/Rural Policing Community Building and Culture of Lawfulness Law Enforcement/Security Operations Forensics Disrupting Organized Crime Rule of Law Internal Affairs Firearms Security Guard Force Training Law Enforcement Coordination Border Security and other Points of Entry (POE) Prisons and Other Correctional Facilities Anti-Money Laundering and other Financial Crimes Anti-corruption and Institution Building Sensitive Investigative Units Counter Wildlife Trafficking Investigative Units Wildlife Trafficking Drug Trafficking Human Trafficking Asset Forfeiture Financial Investigations Case Management Civil Rights Investigations Criminal Investigations Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Human Trafficking Affirmative Civil Enforcement Support Paralegal Support Witness Management Expert Witness Support Litigation Support
  • Training
    Whether in the field or providing administrative support, a well-trained team is vital to a successful law enforcement or security operation. Our team of experts bring their tactical, administrative, and strategic experience to support comprehensive training programs in countries across the globe. CORE CAPABILITIES Curriculum Development Instructional System Design Instructor Led Training Virtual Training Practical Exercises Event Planning Role Playing CONUS/OCONUS Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced training courses Tactical and Civilian Training
  • Operational & Administrative Support
    Strong administrative support services are vital to efficient and effective operations. SGI Global recruits, hires, and trains administrative and professional services personnel from entry level administrative and clerical support, to experienced subject matter experts with the ability to operate in a wide variety of environments. We focus on effective communication, collaboration, and coordination to create a productive environment. CORE CAPABILITIES Program Management Administrative Professional Support Services Equipment Procurement Import & Export Compliance Translation Support Overseas Business Licenses
  • Health Support and Investigations
    Along with law enforcement and intelligence support, SGI Global also provides key health support for organizations across the world. Whether it’s tactical, in-the-field medical training and resources or building capacity to aid in healthcare fraud detection, our team of experts helps to ensure the health and safety of your teams and the people they are protecting. CORE CAPABILITIES Legal Nurse Consulting Tactical Medicine Healthcare Fraud
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    In today’s tech-driven environment, quality data analysis is vital to any intelligence and law enforcement operation. Our seasoned researchers provide vital qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation along with subject matter expertise in areas of vital concern. CORE CAPABILITIES Qualitative Analysis and Evaluation Quantitative Analysis Evaluation Survey Implementation Data Analysis Data Compilation Subject Matter Expertise
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